About Us

Our Mission

Red Clover Kids is on a mission to discover ways to help all families raise happier, healthier and more successful kids. We believe that there are enough resources and opportunities for everyone to be happy, healthy, and successful and that mindset and attitude are the key to accessing these opportunities. That’s why we are committed to developing material for kids (and parents) that make the science of success accessible and fun. From parenting tips to strategies for personal and economic determination, we share tools that support strong families and resilient communities.

Our Story

When the Founders became parents, they quickly realized how challenging it was to raise Happy, Healthy and Successful kids in today’s complicated world. They dived into formal study of health, toxicology, radiation biology, safety, sustainability and personal development. After realizing that other parents face the same challenges, the Founders decided to build a platform that helps other families and shares best parenting practices. Red Clover Kids is the result - a socially conscious venture that strives to give back.

We turn fundamental self-help concepts into digestible messages for children. This offering is complemented with cute children’s apparel and customizable household items. For every book purchase, one book is donated to an organization that improves children’s literacy (especially among disenfranchised demographics) such as Better World Books, Little Free Library and Books for Kids. Remember: "Sharing is caring", so share your experiences, ideas and suggestions. Stay connected and spread the word. Together, we can change the world for the better!

With Love, The Red Clover Kids Team